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Taino Petroglyphs

The Ancient Taíno people left behind beautiful petroglyphs giving us an insight into their past lives and culture. The Taíno were really into making drawings or carvings (called petroglyphs) on rocks near rivers or in caves. North of Haiti, in Gorge of Foulon in Sainte-Suzanne, show some very interesting petroglyphs.

Courtesy of Eddy Rubin

In the middle of a tropical garden

The Taíno museum in Haiti will be built in the middle of a tropical garden, respecting the environment in which the Taíno people lived before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

For obvious safety reasons (tsunami, earthquake), the museum will be farther from the sea that houses the hotel but easily accessible.

While protecting the collection of the foundation, the museum has an educational objective to make discover the Taíno culture to the largest number of people.