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Chicoide style ceramic vessel

This is a boat shaped earthenware pot with bilateral anthropomorphic handles and incised decoration below the rim. This one is of Chicoide style, however boat shaped vessel were developed during the Ostionoide culture which appeared in Puerto Rico around the seventh century AD.
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Simple earthernware pot ostionoid style

Earliest Caribbean farmers originated in the Orinocoan – Amazonian rain – forest areas. The societies who developed through time as their successors shared common belief systems, traits, styles, and conceptions of nature, although with slight but noticeable variations. The patterns of daily life are often similar so big open pots like this one appears in…
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Ostionoid style ceramic vessel

Possibly fishers and collectors had acquired the knowledge to make earthenware and thus developed simple forms. The first well made ceramic to arrive in the Antilles was probably between 500 and 0 BC. This ceramic style has been called Saladoide. From this style several kinds of changes appeared in the ceramic of the successors of…
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