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Taino vessel with anthropomorphic representation

This image represents a chief. Many Taino works of art belong to the chief, the cacique. The Taino culture reached its highest development in the island of Hispaniola. It is difficult to mark the beginning of the Taino. Their society emerged as a continuation of Caribbean prehistory for several thousand years. In some cases artifacts…
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Ceramic Vessel handle with anthropomorphic representation

This human figure in red color can be attributed to the Ostionoide culture. We have evidence for several kinds of changes throughout the Caribbean between 600 A.D. and 1200 A.D. Saladoide settlers moved to the highland where they changed the techniques of cultivating plants and other cultural trades. Arqueologist decided to see this like an…
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Globular bowl with geometric design

Amerindian ceramic vessel were mostly formed with the coil method, in which strips of wet clay are jointed in circular patterns fused together to make cups, bowls, jars etc. The geometric design of this bowl shows a sequence of points under the rim. This appears most frequently in the Meillac culture, which is the one…
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